technology + photography = our passion

With more than 20 years of digital photography experience, we were on the forefront of traditional photography's transition to the digital age.

Being a first adapter of this movement, coupled with extensive computer programming knowledge, has allowed us to build and streamline digital workflow software for our clients for years. Because our team has worked with hundreds of mainstream fashion and advertising clients in studio and on location all over the world, we have witnessed vastly different workflows and understand which techniques work, which processes are effective, and which tools help to organize a production seamlessly.  

BitPix was first built as a tool we used for our own organizational needs on set and ballooned once clients witnessed the software in action. They saw the need for a better way to simplify their production, preserve the integrity of their assets, and reduce dependency on spreadsheets.

Our motivation has always been to save our clients time and money by eliminating workflow inefficiencies. We designed our platform to reduce the number of tools and applications needed in order to plan and execute photo shoots. We centralize a team’s production into one place so everyone’s on the same page and sees updates in real time. We utilize powerful data analytics to help clients make informed decisions about where time is being wasted and what is causing budget overages. Equipping our users with knowledge drives a smarter production.


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