Bitpix Features


BitPix is designed to be the only tool needed to organize and centralize your entire photo shoot production. From the pre-planning stage through post-production, we help you to streamline your workflow processes. With everything stored in the cloud and built to work on all devices, shoot data can easily be accessed and viewed from anywhere. Our multi-user software allows you to make changes in real time and updates are automatic, so the entire crew is on the same page. For enterprise clients, the platform is adaptable and customizable to fit your company’s specific needs. For more details regarding our core features, please scroll below.



BitPix provides a centralized platform for creating and sharing your shot list. Our platform allows you to track any attribute, including shot name, style notes, metadata, retouch note overlays, and layout files. Increase your productivity by inputting data only once, reducing multiple versions of files, and decreasing large attachments via email. BitPix automates everything and frees you from archaic spreadsheets & clogged inboxes.


Capture one integration (Enterprise accounts only)

Sync metadata, keywords, and shot lists. BitPix’s direct integration with Capture One through our MacOS app allows you to sync your data between platforms to ensure all information is correctly embedded into the images. No more manual, error prone copying and pasting.

Batch folder creation. A digital tech can batch create all of the shot folders directly from BitPix in just a few clicks, eliminating the potential for naming errors.

Automatic shot status updates. When a digital tech switches the capture folder in Capture One, BitPix will automatically mark the previous shot as "Complete". This ensures all shots that are meant to be captured are recorded and no shot is missed.

Record time per shot. Time spent on each shot is automatically recorded into BitPix once the shot is complete. Use this information to make better business / production decisions to help eliminate inefficiencies.

capture counter screen.png

Capture counter

BitPix Capture Counter displays a live count of the number of images captured for the current shot when shooting tethered to a computer. On commercial photo shoots, it’s easy to over-shoot and lose track of number of images captured. Having a tool to display the capture count on your screen is extremely useful for keeping pace and not wasting valuable time and resources.

gallery screen.jpeg

Image gallery & Lightbox sharing

BitPix’s enhanced Image Gallery syncs Capture One star ratings and color labels to maintain your edit. Save time when searching for images with our AI object detection capability. For instance, if you are looking for images of a certain type or scene, just search the term and results matching the criteria will be returned without searching through endless images.

BitPix's Lightbox feature allows seamless sharing of a collection of images from studio to office or any third party. Select which images you would like to share and send a link straight from BitPix to easily begin the collaboration process.


Retouch notes

Jump start your post-production by adding retouch notes directly in BitPix. Keep the flow of your production all in one place without needing to use multiple tools and steps. Images with notes are highlighted to capture your attention with ease and notes are embedded in the image metadata for transfer to retouchers. Use this tool for historical reference to recall how you have retouched images in the past or to help train new team members to your production guidelines.


Travel Management

Want an easy way to organize and track all crew members' travel itineraries - flights, hotels, and cars? BitPix's travel functionality lets you compile individual schedules to easily share with each crew member through email. You also can send SMS messages once new flights are booked or updated. See past, current, and upcoming travel by crew member all in one place. Travel management has never been easier!

Screen Shot 2019-01-23 at 8.12.30 PM.png

budgeting & Expense tracking

Besides creativity, the budget drives a photo shoot. Keeping track of estimates and actual costs is imperative and often overlooked on the backend. Track all of you expenses per shoot in one place and know instantly if you are over or under your budget by line item. Color alerts will notify you to overages and underages. This tool also serves as a great historical resource as you can reference past budgets and overages to know where you need to modify spending. Check the rate you paid for a past studio or model. Check how much was spent on overtime costs on your last shoot. Used effectively, this tool can be one of your most powerful resources.

call sheet screen.png


One of the most useful BitPix features is its call sheet functionality. By keeping a list of your contacts in the platform, you can easily manage whom to include in your call sheet. Just select which crew members you would like to add and use our call sheet templates to save you a tremendous amount of time without repetitive entry. A few clicks, and let BitPix do the work for you.