Our Story

The journey began in 1999, when I started working with one of the first photographers to start shooting fashion and celebrities digitally. The camera was the Canon D2000/Kodak DCS 520. It was 2 megapixels, and awesome––so we thought at the time! Armed with a knowledge of computer programming, and being an early adopter of Linux, I was already very familiar with computers, so I loved and embraced the digital process from the beginning. It was a very natural transition.

Fast forward to today and BitPix Digital. It’s the culmination of 12 years experience in digital capture and computing. All of our digital technicians/operators have over 5 years experience in the industry. Our goal is to streamline your shoot with an efficient workflow, and to also achieve the unique look or curve to match your shooting style.

Each location brings it's own set of unique challenges. You're in difficult terrain, without power, and if something breaks there's no store to run to. We solve these logistical problems for you.

  • Equipment redundancy
  • Mobile power (even solar panels)
  • Mobile connectivity
  • Storage redundancy
  • Mobile light for packing gear at night
  • First aid kit
  • Power inverters
  • Knowledge of international customs 

Whether you are shooting in the U.S. or abroad, we'd love to use our vast location experience to help your shoot run smoothly from start to finish.

Hiking our gear through deep snow for a Timberland advertising campaign. 


We use the latest Apple hardware paired with calibrated Eizo displays to form the core of our setup. From this core we've customized each component for the ultimate in stability and speed. 


Nothing matters more than than properly safeguarding and organizing your data. We've designed a proprietary system to ensure everything is captured, processed, printed and delivered to the exact specs requested.


Lets face it, usually file requests happen when we're not in front of our computer. Our mobile solution is here to help!

The BitPix Cloud system gives you remote access to files on both iOS & Android. Send a secure download link to the client or retoucher directly from your phone!