BitPix is your solution to easily organize and centralize your entire photo shoot. From the pre-planning stage through post- production, we have you covered. We help you produce your call sheet, organize your shot list, upload and share your selects, manage your travel, track your expenses, and much more. Our software allows you to make changes in real time and updates are automatic, so everyone is always on the same page. BitPix is the intelligent choice for your next photo shoot.

“BitPix has revolutionized the way that we have approached the production of photo shoots at Hanna Andersson! We have a pretty complex work flow for shoots with a team in New York shooting while - simultaneously - a team back in Portland is completing post work. The key is that Angel has made the BitPix platform customizable to our specific needs, allowing us to build a program that makes this bi-coastal communication easy and straightforward. Each shoot is organized with the information that all the key players need and we have been able to streamline our workflow into a pattern that is relevant to our team. Putting BitPix in place has saved us a tremendous amount of time, money and confusion. I highly recommend implementing the BitPix system into any photo shoot in order to help create a seamless production!”
— Salina, Art Director @ Hanna Andersson

Shot List Management

BitPix provides a centralized platform for creating and sharing your shoot's comprehensive shot list...


Call Sheet Generation

By centralizing a list of your contacts in BitPix, you can easily manage them to be included in your call sheet...


Travel Management

BitPix is an easy way to organize and track all crew members' travel itineraries - flights, hotels, and cars. The platform's travel fuctionality lets you compile individual crew members' schedules...


Expense Tracking

BitPix allows you to track and monitor all of your shoot expenses - whether budgeted, estimated, or actual and on a granular level...


Centralized & Accessible

With everything stored in the cloud and built to work on all devices, shoot data can easily be accessed and viewed anywhere...


Crew & Vendor Access

BitPix can provide access to a vast number of crew members including art directors, producers, stylists, digital techs, and third party vendors...



Whether you are trying to track down information from a recent shoot or the contact information of a crew member, everything that you input into BitPix can be found with speed and ease...