Is this a DAM (digital asset management) system? No. While this is not a system for preserving and managing the files themselves, it greatly improves DAM systems by enabling BitPix users to easily add metadata to all images upon capture for archive use.

Is this an image editing software program like Capture One? No. While BitPix enables you to store high res selects for each shot, it is not meant to be an editing program for each image captured during the shoot. It is meant to organize and make selects readily available to the client, digital tech, retoucher, etc.

Is this software I install on my computer? No. BitPix is entirely cloud based, so no need to contact the IT department or worry about compatibility with your operating system.

Where is the platform hosted? Our platform runs on Amazon Web Services infrastructure.

How much does it cost? For companies, cost is based on number of users, amount of data storage, and number of records. For producers, cost is based on number of shoot days. Please contact us for more information and a preliminary quote.