Capture One Pro 10 - Here is what's new...

Believe it or not, a new major release of Capture One Pro is already out. If you are wondering, "what is new in 10?" here's a quick list of updates as listed in the release notes.

Update: Phase One just added a "what's new" page that describes all the new features below:

  • Performance focused re-write for faster viewing experience

  • 3-phase sharpening tools

  • Output Proofing

  • Halo Suppression

  • Halo Suppression

  • New Default Workspace

  • Camera Focus Tool

  • Filter for orientation of images

  • More Apple Script properties (Mac Only)

  • Optimized: Jpeg Output for Size/Quality

  • Optimized: LCC for 100MP - Stripe reduction

  • Optimized: LCC generation

  • Improved: Move folders in Catalogs

  • Improved: Compressed RAW Support

  • Improved: Auto masking

  • Improved: activation management

  • Improved: Hardware Acceleration                                

* For Nikon users, unfortunately Capture One Pro 10 still does now show the status of incoming captures when shooting tethered

For complete details from Phase One, you can download the release notes here.

If you have questions about Capture One Pro 10 or encounter any issues with the new version, please leave a comment here!