Love Vintage Cameras? We Do Too! Download Our Viewfinder Chrome Extension


Viewfinder, the new BitPix Chrome extention, is now available for FREE in the Chrome store! Install here:

Viewfinder is a tab replacement for those that love vintage, classic cameras and design. Each picture portrays a beautiful background, design inspired quote, personal greeting, and the time. If you want to get your creative juices flowing, Viewfinder's timeless images will inspire you to shoot every day.

New BitPix Features to Make Your Work Life Easier


We are excited to announce our latest enhancements to the BitPix platform to make sharing and syncing your photo shoot images and metadata easier!

  • The new Lightbox feature allows seamless sharing of a collection of images from studio to office or any third party. Select what images you want to share and send a link straight from BitPix to easily begin the collaboration process.
  • Our enhanced Image Gallery now syncs Capture One star ratings and color labels in BitPix. Effortlessly transfer image data to continue the editing process.
  • The Download Tool facilitates easy one-click bulk / selective downloads in seconds. Don't waste time individually downloading images when the process can be generated with one simple click.
  • Retouch Notes are now highlighted to capture your attention with ease - no more searching through images to see which have detailed explanation for editing. Retouch notes also are embedded in the image metadata for transfer to retouchers.

How to solve the forward slash sub folder glitch in Capture One 10.2

If you've recently upgraded to Capture One 10.2 you may have noticed that you can no longer process to multiple sub-folders using the forward slash, since the character isn't allowed in the Output Location, Sub Folder field. This recently threw a major hitch in my workflow.

Fortunately, I recently had a chance to chat with Phase One's David Grover about this issue and the solution is simple, yet unintuitive: to get a forward slash, use a backslash. He said this is actually a bug that will be fixed in the next release, but until then, using a backslash will do the trick.

Until the forward slash bug in 10.2 is fixed, use a backslash to process into multiple sub-folders. 

Until the forward slash bug in 10.2 is fixed, use a backslash to process into multiple sub-folders. 

Announcing BitPix Invoicing - Freelancers' Free Invoicing Solution!

What is one of the most time consuming and tedious tasks as a freelancer? That would be invoicing and tracking payments! Many of you may already have a system in place and pay at least $30 a month for a program to help you organize all of this. However, do you need to spend that much when we are offering you a free service that parallels many of these invoicing systems? For those of you still using Microsoft Word and a shoebox for your receipts, you need to have a much better management system in place to track your invoices and payments. The sooner you get paid, the better! 

Do you know the number of days outstanding of your invoices? Are you consistently paid well after the due date on your invoices for services performed? Do you have a way to track these analytics in order to follow-up with clients in a timely matter? Do your invoices to clients look professional and show you take your job seriously? 

If any of the answers to these questions is no, fear not! BitPix Invoicing is your solution. We have created the infrastructure for you at no cost. As freelancers ourselves, we know that when you are just starting in the industry, cash flow can be tight and the last thing you need is to spend money on a platform that is designed to help you make money. Simply sign up here to set up your free invoicing account today.

Questions, just let us know! Contact us here. Always happy to help! 

The D850, Nikon's replacement for the D810, has finally arrived!

The D850, Nikon's replacement for the D810, has finally arrived!

The long wait for the successor to Nikon's D810 has finally arrived as the [D850][1]. While the wait has been long, the trusty D810 has stood up beautifully to the test of time, a testament to Nikon's quality. That said, the last major release was the D800 in 2012 (the D810 was an incremental upgrade), and in that timespan we've seen new competing models from both Canon and Sony, so time was quickly running out for Nikon. Fortunately, Nikon has once again stepped up the game and delivered above its competitors with the [new D850][2]. Here are a few highlights of the new camera.

Finance Tips for Freelancers from a Former Wall Street Banker-Part 1

Finance Tips for Freelancers from a Former Wall Street Banker-Part 1

Transitioning from the cut throat world of Investment Banking with intense number crunching, all nighters, and hard to meet deadlines to the commercial photography industry filled with freelancers, creatives, and entrepreneurs is quite a stark change. Personalities and career strengths differ completely. Institutional settings and hierarchical structures are complete opposites. However, for me, one of the single biggest differences and challenges between these two work environments has been tackling the payment structure.

In the past, I counted on the consistent bi-weekly paycheck being directly deposited into my bank account and the big performance bonus at the end of the fiscal year. Now, I find myself chasing after invoices overdue by 90+ days without a solid structure in place by which to receive timely payments. My most valuable asset, my time, has been exerted trying to collect overdue payments to keep my accounts receivable balance in check rather than applying my energy to its best use - to enhance and expand my business.

Finances really are the life of a company, so one needs to understand how to manage them. Equally as important is knowing one's rights as a freelancer in regards to collecting payment. In attempting to tackle this issue, I have learned a vast amount of information and a few techniques to help manage my business’ finances and invoice collections that I would like to pass on in hopes of helping you. Today, I will start with the first bit of information which is actually a new law put into place in New York City.

Sync Your Keyboard Shortcuts & Recipes in Capture One Pro

Sync Your Keyboard Shortcuts & Recipes in Capture One Pro

Have you ever created a specific processing recipe for a client or a new keyboard shortcut, and then realized it's not available because you're on a different computer? Well have no fear and put your USB flash drives down, since today I'll provide a solution using Dropbox and a few Terminal commands that has worked like magic for me. As a digital tech, you should always be looking for ways to improve your workflow and efficiency, and this is one easy way to do just that.

10 Basic Terminal Commands Every Digital Tech Should Know

10 Basic Terminal Commands Every Digital Tech Should Know

One of the great aspects of the Mac OS is its FreeBSD roots, which provides a UNIX-like operating system under the hood. If our usual graphical interface is like driving a car from the driver's seat, we're going to learn to pop the hood and work directly on the engine. Once you discover this side of the Mac, you'll find a whole new level of power and control available to you.

Knowing how to utilize the Terminal on the Mac is an extremely important skill for any digital tech or DIT. In this post, I'll get you started with 10 commands that I find the most useful, along with a few additional commands.